Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and want to provide full disclosure of what kind of visitor data is tracked and its useful purpose.

What kind of personal data is collected?

- This website uses the standard Google Analytics code which logs country, region, approximate city, pages visited, links clicked, approximate age/gender/interests, device used to access the website, and the traffic source. The website also contains a Facebook plugin to allow visitors to easily like a page or post comments using their Facebook account. The website contains an Amazon plugin which displays Amazon product links to visitors.

These codes do not allow, and are not used for personally identifying visitors.

How is this information used?

- The Google Analytics code helps us understand which advertising promotions work best to attract and retain visitors. For example, if we begin a new marketing campaign using Google Ads in the U.K, we assess the costs of Google advertisement with the increased traffic from the U.K. The Google Analytics code does not allow any visitor to be personally identified and we do not care to use it as such.

The Facebook and Amazon plugins also do not provide us with any personally identifiable visitor information.

Will this information be transferred to third party companies?

- We do not sell or send any visitor information to third parties. Google, Amazon, and Facebook may collect and use visitor data at their own discretion. See each website's privacy policy for more information.

Can I opt-out of the Google Analytics data collection?

- Absolutely. If you wish to opt-out of Google Analytics across all internet websites, visit this link.

Again, we value your support and fully respect your right to privacy. Thank you.

Last Updated: 7/11/2014