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Stock analysis tools as explained in The Stock Market Outsider: Becoming a Billionaire.

Note: The analysis tools, though intended to be accurate and free of errors, cannot be guaranteed as such. Please be prudent when using these tools, and do so at your own risk.

NOTE: AS OF 11/13/2014, FINVIZ HAS STARTED CHARGING FOR DATA EXPORT. I will subscribe to their service to keep the workbook periodically updated on this site, and I am on the lookout for any free sites that have the same functionality.

If you are having trouble downloading/opening the workbook, try a different browser or send me an email. Check back here periodically for the latest updates.

Stock Analysis Excel workbook (40+ MB file).

Requires Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 for PC.
Download Workbook

Update notes 2/5/18:

> Stock market data updated as of 2/5/18

Happy Trading!

Update notes 7/30/16:


> You now have the ability to assign importance (weight) to each undervalued and overvalued criterion. See the "Criteria" tab.

> The "Undervalued" and "Overvalued" tabs now display all stocks in descending order of how closely they match your criteria. No longer does a stock need to match all of the criteria in order to show up on the tab!

> Stock market data updated as of 7/29/16

Happy Trading!

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