What undervalued stocks did the tide bring in

The stock market is similar to the tide on a beach, and traders are similar to the people hunting for rare shells (undervalued stocks) on the shore.  

Every time a strong tide occurs, rare shells are washed up on the beach.  After a while, shell hunters pick up many of the rare shells, and not much is left out there...until the next strong tide.

The market experienced substantial corrections over the past couple of weeks.  Prior to these corrections, there weren't many rare shells left on the beach.  However now there are many shells waiting to be picked up.  Which new undervalued stocks are waiting out there for us?

GURE had been trading at a yearly high, then dropped significantly down where it is now trading below a 1 P/Cash ratio.  Strong, undervalued company.

KGJI was already trading at a moderately low price, then was recently hit by a news article accusing management of misleading business information, pushing the stock price down even further.  While I do not recommend trading stocks that have been accused of wrongdoings, this stock is one to keep an eye on.  From my experience, allegations such as these are often frivolous and made by people who have a financial interest in the stock's decline.

SPU is trading at a .5 P/Cash ratio, and 33% below its 52 week high.  Although volume is low on this one, when the price moves, it moves quick.

ZA is trading at a extremely low P/Cash ratio of 0.24, a P/B of .21, and a P/E of 1.3.  ZA is the most undervalued stock in my watch list now.  The Chinese fashion industry has been hit hard over the past year, however this particular company has a strong position in China and has weathered the storm well, financially speaking.

Take advantage of opportunities when they're available.  Good luck.

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