Celebrity Spread-the-Word Twitter Contest

The biggest challenge a new author faces is book promotion.  There's a slew of books published every day which makes distinguishing yourself a difficult challenge.

This is where I need your help, and you'll be rewarded for it.

I'm giving away 5 Audible.com redemption codes to download a free copy of my audiobook, "The Stock Market Outsider: Becoming a Billionaire".

The first 5 people to retweet this tweet to an audience of +500k followers, OR gets another user with +500k followers to retweet it, will win a free copy of the audiobook.

To claim your prize, simply email me the retweeted link at pfanara@predictingsociety.com or direct message it to me on Twitter @SMOutsider

The first 5 individuals to successfully complete the contest will win.  One free audiobook per person, and one retweet per "celebrity" (user with +500k Twitter followers).

Good luck!


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