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Hello fellow investors. I’ve been a busybody over the past few weeks and wanted to fill you in on a few updates.

First of all, leveraging upon all the new readers from my last Amazon promotion – I’ve put together a book submission package to Barnes & Noble. This is the first step into getting “The Stock Market Outsider” into bookstores around the country.

As part of the submission package, Barnes & Noble asks the author to submit a marketing plan and opinion on why the book should be placed on its shelves over any other competition. Like any retailer, they want to ensure that your book is worth their shelf space.

This is the most critical factor that an author will experience. Amazon may own online sales, however Barnes and Noble owns brick-and-mortar sales. Therefore it’s imperative that this package be perfect and impressive upon first glance.

I spent two weeks carefully crafting this package; included in it are my book’s reviews, results of promotions, and the following I’ve garnered on Facebook and Twitter. After reviewing the package, Barnes & Noble will contact me within six weeks to let me know their decision. Hopefully it’s a good one.

Also I wanted to let you all know that I’ve started writing another book. I have not came up with a title yet, however I can tell you that it is not another stock market book. Instead it will be focused on leveraging psychology and philosophy for success in all areas of life.

I found that with “The Stock Market Outsider,” many readers were very interested in the psychological aspect of the book. Well, there’s a world (literally) of untapped resources on this subject that I will bring to you all sometime in 2015. Keep an eye out for it.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy investing, promoting “The Stock Market Outsider,” and finishing my Data Mining Certification. Just like the stock market, the more you invest early, the greater your compounding gains.

Best regards,
Philip Fanara

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