3-D Printing a New Stock Portfolio?

In recent days we have seen 3-D printing stocks soar.  Already overvalued prior to the recent surge, now these stocks are hitting “ridiculously overvalued” territory.


3-D printing is not a new concept; it was first introduced in 1984 and has been sparsely used since.  Every few years the media shines its spotlight on 3-D printing as a revolutionary concept of the future.  This grabs the attention of market speculators who then buy up the 3-D printing stocks to ridiculous values. 


Once the hype dies down, and it certainly will, the unlucky fools who bought at the top are left holding a worthless bag. 


This presents a great opportunity for us.  Today I bought a put option in Voxelijet (VJET), a 3-D printing company that has been around (and done practically nothing) since 1999, lost $3.7 million last year, and barely edged out a profit in the years prior…. is now at a $400 million market value.


The overbought stock soared 23% today and is up 44% in the past 2 weeks on no news.  A prime target for someone that can see through the average trader’s greed.


When will it fall?  No one knows – it could rise for another few months before crashing down.  However when it does crash, I’ll be right there executing my put option.


Invest wisely.

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