Frequently Asked Questions

1) If you have the "secrets" of stock investing, why publicize them through a book?

- There are no secrets in the stock market. There are people who understand how to benefit from market fluctuations and others who do not. The end result is the latter individuals "giving" their money to the first group.

2) Why write a book?

- Proceeds from my book sales are being reinvested into the market. As explained in my book, the more money you put into the market, the richer you become (assuming you invest it wisely).

3) Are you worried that if everyone reads your book then the strategy will not work anymore?

- Not at all. Even if everyone in the world would read my book, only a fraction has the discipline to stick with it. Most fall prey to greed and fear.

4) Do you offer stock market advice?

- I am not offering advice. Doing so would require knowing your personal financial situation, lifestyle, and goals. I am offering my insight for you to objectively evaluate and determine how, or if, you will implement it in your own life.

5) What makes your insight credible?

- See the Home page for the wide margin of success I enjoy over average market gains. As previously stated, there are successful and unsuccessful people. My business acumen, discipline, and dedication surpasses that of the average investor and is evidenced by my success over the average market.

However, I still urge that you do not blindly follow my or anyone else's statements. Make sure you understand and agree with what people tell you.

6) What made you decide to write a book?

- I've been an investor for over 10 years, through both bull and bear markets. Most of those years I was an average investor, breaking about even on my trades. One day I thought to myself, hundreds of billions of dollars change hands on a daily basis; there must be a way to dip my beak in this sea of money every day. I devoted many hours of data mining and research to this cause before putting my research into practice with substantial success.

Originally the plan was to use the research only for my personal gain. However I later realized (while half asleep, which is when I get my best ideas) that if I wrote a book on the research, I could use the proceeds from book sales to reinvest into the market and grow it at an even faster rate.

7) Which version do you recommend: Kindle, Audiobook, or Paperback?

- Audiobooks are great when traveling; you're able to listen to it driving or during a plane ride. The Kindle and Paperback versions have the advantage of written text, allowing you the ability of re-reading sentences if needed.

If you have the time and focus to sit down and read a book, then I'd recommend getting the Kindle or Paperback versions. If you're always on-the-go then I'd recommend the Audiobook version, with an additional recommendation that you listen through it at least twice to ensure you've taken in all the great insight the book has to offer.

8) Which stock do you recommend purchasing?

- This answer changes by each second, literally. I have a rule of only purchasing undervalued stocks in stable industries, however it's also important to get in at the right time. This is all explained in detail within the book.

9) The book's title contains the words "Becoming a Billionaire." Is it really possible to become a billionaire?

- Yes it is possible. As explained in the book, if you maintain control over your emotions, invest wisely, and continually work to improve your skillset then it is very possible to become a millionaire in less than 10 years (starting with $100k invested), and a billionaire in less than 20 years.

10) Why will this book help me? I feel that I'm already a decent investor.

- The most successful people are those that understand many points of view, then make their own judgment on the best course of action. Having the knowledge available will allow you to make better decisions regardless of your chosen strategy. The cost of the book is minuscule compared to the potential benefit.

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